Monday, March 31, 2008


Just to let my devoted readers know (all 2 or 3 of you- LOL) that we are now requesting a 2-3 year old girl! YIPPEE! Our plan is to adopt this little girl, and then 6-12 months after she is home, we will begin the process all over again for a baby girl. I'm tired, but will share more tomorrow (hopefully!).

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Going Postal...

My sister and I went out to Olive Garden yesterday - can't hang out with my sister without taking her to Olive Garden :) After we ate, we went shopping. At one of the stores, I found this Infantino BabyMail. I just HAD to get it! For those of you who don't know, both of my grandpas, my aunt, my mom, and my dad are in the postal service. Lil' Cupcake needs to become well-educated in the mail department. LOL! And to top it off, one of the packages comes with a lil' cupcake in it!

In other news, I think are homestudy is being completed. Our social worker was getting checking up with our references, and was asking for some final information. I am hoping it is done by the middle of April. My new goal is to get our dossier to Washington, D.C. by May 1 (if not sooner). We have all of our dossier documents ready to go, and are just waiting on our homestudy (and the reference letters - our social worker had them completed - notarized,etc.- so that we can use them in our dossier). Oh, please - homestudy come soon! We can't wait to send off our dossier - one more step closer to a referral!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Referral Wait...

God, for the sake of my puppy who has to wear Lil' Cupcake's clothes because I don't have anyone else to put them on, for my computer which needs a new background picture, for my family who love buying her stuff so they will know her exact size, for my phone that desperately needs a call from Missouri (where our agency is located), for the sake of a nursery with no furniture and I promised I wouldn't buy a crib or changing table until referral, for my homestudy report to be finished and my dossier ready to go to Ethiopia, and for the sake of my blog so it will be more interesting, please send a referral my way. Oh, please send a referral our way - Lily is begging you!

In the meantime, poor Lily will just have to endure Lil' Cupcake's clothes, my computer will have the same background, my family will just have to continue to guess her size, my phone will still be waiting a call from Missouri, the nursery will be without furniture, and my blog still won't be very interesting!

(Honestly though, we haven't waited very long at all, our homestudy is still being written, and our dossier still being compiled. I'm just getting anxious to see our cute baby after seeing other Hope families with such cute and darling babies. Plus, patience has never been a virtue of mine!)

**Maybe I should be praying about this crud I have had since last Thursday (my birthday). Tomorrow will be my first day back to work. I'm ready to get out of the house! Lily is cute and all, but I think I may be developing carpal tunnel from having to throw her toys for her so much over the past few days. I think I might just be cramping her style - she voiced that this morning when I was using her blanket and after about a half hour she pulled it right off of me. She no longer wants to share her Hello Kitty blanket with me - thats a definite sign I should head back to work!

Signing off, the Princess needs her toy thrown :)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I gave in...

and got a BUMBO! Target finally had a pink one! I'd been eyeing one for quite a while, but for the longest time they only had lime green. So, you can just imagine how excited I was when I saw a pink one at Target.

In other news, our dossier is coming along - my goal is to get our dossier done by April 1st. We can do it, We can do it!