Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just for Fun!

Here's a pic of me and my lovely puppy, Lily! Take note of my hat - Trav bought it for me for my birthday!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Will Spring Ever Come?

As I am writing this, it is snowing yet again. It seems if it is not snowing, then it is -20. I would greatly appreciate it if spring comes just a tad bit early, say, next week! Yesterday Travis and I had our final homestudy visit. It looked like she had half of it written up already, so hopefully it will be finished in less than 6 weeks. I know she is still waiting for our background checks to come back, which is normal because those take forever. It went by fast. I realized during and after the visit that Trav and I are truly ready and equipped to to parent a trans-racial, internationally adopted child. Anywho, I went to see Dr. B. today, and guess what, he was called to the hospital that morning. So I waited about a hour for him to come back, and they then asked if I could come back at a different time. Go figure! Dr. B. is always in high demand :) Sure, why not, if I didn't want to come back, I would have had some random doctor there give me a physical. NO THANK YOU!! There is a reason why I travel the 2 hours to see Dr. B. :) So, I now have my physical on my birthday - what a birthday present! LOL!! I was able to leave my physical forms for the homestudy and dossier there, and they said that having the physical notarized wouldn't be a problem because there is a notary there! What a lifesaver! And to top it all off, they gave me a gas card for coming all the way down! What doctor's office gives out gas cards? Dr. B's, that's who!

As we are taking these little steps towards our lil' cupcake, it continues to amaze me that we are going to be parents. Trav and I are finally going to be parents. We are so excited! Lily is even going to be a big sister - LOL!! Even though we are getting closer and closer, I am getting so impatient to see her face. I cannot wait to get our referral, to have a face for the little person I pray for, to have a face for our newest family member, to have a face to console me through the wait of bringing her home, to have a face that will be joining us forever, to have a face to daydream about taking shopping, to the zoo, sledding out in the beautiful snow I now complain about. But more than anything, I know that this wait is nothing compared to when she does join our family!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Update of Room

Here's the latest pic of the room. I still need to do some touch up, but this is pretty much how the finished product will look. Now I have to decide whether or not to write anything in the brown border. Hmm...too many decorating choices! Thanks Mom for passing the perfectionist, decorating sense gene down! : ) Once again, I apologize for the pic not rotated - I save it rotated, but whenever I post the saved pic they always are turned the wrong way. : (

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Ahh! Can you believe February is already here? Where does the time go? I hope the time continues to go by extremely fast, because that means our lil' cupcake will be here before we know it :) So, tonight I began working on our dossier (the document compilied of many documents that is taken to Ethiopia for the court date lil' Cupcake "officially" becomes our's). I think I have figured out what needs to be notorized, then authenticated by the Secretary of State, and then what needs to be taken to Washington DC. May I say figuring that out was WAY more entertaining than the Super Bowl.

Over and out!

Here is Phase 2 of Lil' Cupcake's Room - Now all I need to do is add a brown border and I'll be done! Pretty impressive huh? LOL!! Ps. Sorry about that picture - I can't seem to get it turned upright!

I also couldn't resist showing you s'more of my cupcake "loot." Travis got me the cupcake pillow and cookie jar. And his mom got me the cute notebooks. Ahh! I love cupcakes! Sorry that the picture is a bit blurry - my case is proven, I need to look for a new digital camera :)