Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New blog...

We are switching our blog to www. ourlittlemisscupcake. blogspot. com (without the spaces). The address of the blog makes more sense, because Lil' Cupcake is not a baby, and she's our Little Miss Cupcake! I will be adding posts to the new site in the next few days - just as the craziness of packing, getting everything ready, etc. picks up! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Less than a month...

...until I get to meet this beautiful face! I'm so super excited! I can hardly wait, and it will be here before I know it - YAY!! If you can't read between the lines, I'm beyond elated to meet our daughter! Enjoy some more pictures of Miss Smiley!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Today is the day....

that we found out that we are legally Lil' Cupcake's parents! YAY!! I'm so super-d-duper excited! T & I are parents! We are so excited! We cannot wait to bring her home, and for her to meet all our family and friends that have put up with us throughout this journey! I will be traveling September 13-20! Ahhh- that sounds so close, and I have so much stuff to do! One thing I did get checked off the list today was enrolling her in preschool. She will be attending it at the church I work at. Super excited! Off to complete more things on my list - in the meantime enjoy one of our latest pics of her!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tomorrow is the BIG day...

Monday, August 4th is our court date! This is the last week for court dates, so I'm almost expecting our court date to get bumped (because there are so many families that have been pushed back from last week to Monday)- therefore if we do pass, it will be an extreme blessing. So, please be praying - I'm in need of all the prayers we can get! I'm getting pretty anxious to bring her home, and Travis can't wait to get her out on the ice for hockey.

Here's to a sleepless night, and hopefully good news tomorrow morning, bright and early!!